March 21, 2019

Tomorrow is International Day of Forests so we thought we'd celebrate forests the only way we know how.

With tasty riffs all about forests and forest-related things.

Weedpecker - Into the Woods (II, 2015)

1886 - The Path through the Green Forest (Before the Fog Covers the Mount, 2015)

Ruff Majik - Gone Down to the Woods Today (Seasons, 2018)

Howling Giant - The Forest Speaks (Black Hole Space Wizard Pt 2, 2017)

Buffalo - Forest Rain (Dead Forever, 1972)

Atomic Forest - Obsession 77 (Obsession, 2011/1981)

Reverend Bizarre - Eternal Forest (II: Crush the Insects, 2005)

Dunbarrow - Witches of the Wood pt II (Dunbarrow II, 2018)

Green Lung - Initiation + Woodland Rites (Woodland Rites, 2019)

Taiga Woods - Soul Transmitter (Taiga Woods, 2017)

Hexvessel - Old Tree (All Tree, 2019)


March 15, 2019

It's autumn, and even after a record-breaking summer, this insufferable heat refuses to abate. We must sacrifice the mightiest riffs to appease Ra with this HEATWAVE themed episode of Sonic Titans.

Humble Pie - Hot and Nasty (Smokin', 1972)


Rikki Illilonga - Hot Fingers (Zambia, 1975)

The Sonic Dawn - Summer Voyage (Into the Long Night, 2017)


Deadly Vipers - Dead Summer (Fueltronaut, 2017)

The Atomic Bitchwax - Coming in Hot (Gravitron, 2015)


Bask - Endless Summer (American Hollow, 2014)

Inter Arma - The Summer Drones (Paradise Gallows, 2016)


Blaak Heat - Black Hawk (Shifting Mirrors, 2016)

Acid King - If I Burn (Zoroaster, 1995)


Sasquatch - Just Couldn't Stand the Weather (Maneuvers, 2017)

Super Snake - Hot Pavement (Super Snake, 2017)


1000mods - Road to Burn (Super Van Vacation, 2011)

2018 Catchup Pt 2

December 13, 2018

Still catching up on the year that's been, with some outstanding releases from big and smaller bands alike. Too many riffs, too little time.


Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones - Bomb Through The Breeze (Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones, 2018)

Orango - Old Shores (Evergreens, 2018)


Black Moth - Screen Queen (Anatomical Venus, 2018)

Greenleaf - Good Ol' Goat (Hear the Rivers, 2018)


Dead Meadow - This Shaky Hand Is Not Mine (The Nothing They Need, 2018)

Alms - Hollowed (Act One, 2018)


MaidaVale - She Is Gone (Madness Is Too Pure, 2018)

Haunt - Burst Into Flame (Burst Into Flame, 2018)


Witch Mountain - Mechanical World (Witch Mountain, 2018)

Earthless - Volt Rush (Black Heaven, 2018)

Nekromant - Eye in the Sky (The Nekromant Lives, 2018)


Sleep - Sonic Titan (The Sciences, 2018)


Holy Grove - Cosmos (II, 2018)

2018 Catchup Pt 1

November 9, 2018

We've had a huge year and just haven't had much time for the show, but now we're back and we've got a stack of fresh riffs to catch up on. In this first catchup episode, we're sharing tracks that have been on heavy rotation at home so far this year.

Svvamp - Sunshine Street (Svvamp 2, 2018)


Church of the Cosmic Skull - Go By the River (Science Fiction, 2018)

Killer Boogie - The Black Widow (Acid Cream, 2018)


Clutch - In Walks Barbarella (Book of Bad Decisions, 2018)

Black Mirrors - Shoes for Booze (Look Into the Black Mirror, 2018)


Child - Age Has Left Me Behind (I, 2018)

Seedy Jeezus - Barefoot Travellin' Man (Polaris Oblique, 2018)


Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Shockwave City (Wasteland, 2018)

Lucifer - Dreamer (II, 2018)


Electric Citizen - Mother's Little Reject (Helltown, 2018)

Mythic Sunship - Way Ahead (Another Shape of Psychedelic Music, 2018)


Naxatras - You Won't Be Left Alone (III, 2018)

International Women (Who Rock) Day

November 9, 2018

Heading back to International Women's Day in March, this episode celebrates some of our favourite women who rock.

Black Moth - Sisters of the Stone (Anatomical Venus, 2018)

Grajo - Queen Cobra (Slowgod II, 2018)


Sahara Surfers - Charma (High Lands, 2015)

Wild Eyes - Snakey Lady (Above Becomes Below, 2014)


Puta Volcano - Jovian Winds (Harmony of Spheres, 2017)

Neptune Power Federation - Electric Fairies (Neath a Shin Ei Sun, 2017/18)


The Oath - Silk Road (The Oath, 2014)

Year of the Cobra - The Siege (...In the Shadows Below, 2016)


Devil Electric - Lady Velvet (Devil Electric, 2017)

Dawn - The Sun (Dawn, 2017)


ExSage - Tripwire (Out of the Blue)

BlackWater HolyLight - Wave of Conscience (Blackwater Holylight, 2018)


Kabbalah - Phantasmal Planetoid (Spectral Ascent, 2017)

Psychedelic Witchcraft - Lords of the War (Sound of the Wind, 2017)


The Black Wizards - Build Your Home (What the Fuzz, 2017)

2017 - Our Albums of the Year

January 4, 2018

If you hadn't noticed already, 2017 was an absolutley incredible year for hard rock, stoner, psych, doom and sludge. Especially psych! Every week brought new releases from astonishing acts, both new and established. Fans of the genre should feel goddammn blessed for living in a time of such abundance - it truly is the golden age of the riff.

To that end, tonight's show has been about counting down each of our top 5 releases of the year, as well as a runner-up for good measure. Keeping it to five (okay six) tracks each was a struggle, given the incredibly high quality AND quantity of this year's releases... but we got there in the end.


Laurie #5

Zong - Cosmic Embryo (Zong, 2017)
From the east coast of Queensland Zong have created an incredibly rich, mellow yet confronting sound. Zac, Michael & Henry - who are actually some of the nicest people we've ever met in a carpark - bring together a psychedelic, doomy vintage stoner vibe that you can just groove on. An incredibly deep album with great artwork by the drummer Henry Bennett. Thanks for my little boomerang you guys are legends. I've chosen the first track Cosmic Embryo as my favourite on the self titled album released early November for it's kind of space odyssey vibe.

Nico #5

Puta Volcano - Bird (Harmony of Spheres, 2017)
Apparently it's an unwritten rule that we have to have a Greek band in our top 5 - or maybe just a happy accident. Either way, this is just pure stoner joy, with a melodic flourish that just makes me smile every time I hear it.


Laurie #4

Samsara Blues Experiment - Glorious Daze (One with the Universe, 2017)
Coming in at number for in Samsara Blues Experiment with the album One With The Universe. Released in April 2017 it has been played a lot in our house since then so I had to have it in my top 5. The German band have a really intriguing stoner/space rock thing going on withe some nice heavy groove. I've chosen Glorious Daze as my favourite on the album because it was really interesting vocals in line with spoken word poetry so it's right up my alley. You can't go wrong with any Samsara Blues Experiment album in my opinion but this new one sees how far the guys have grown over the past few years. Here is is - Glorious Daze of the One With The Universe album.

Nico #4

Cloud Catcher - Celestial Empress (Trails of Kozmic Dust, 2017)
This album is like trying to walk across the road on a 42 degree day - scorching and blistering. It's Hendrix on meth, frantically trying to squeeze more notes into every bar. Leave some skill for the rest of us, Christ!


Laurie #3

Ruby The Hatchet - Killer (Planetary Space Child, 2017)
My number three album comes from New Jersey legends Ruby The Hatchet who have dropped yet another stunning album. Relying heavily on a heavy psych sound with classic stonerrock, heavy blues riffs, soaring vocals and electronica doom vibes the album is an adventure. Building on the success of the last album Valley of the Snake, Ruby the Hatchet have yet again created a sonic journey, it's fun, it's upbeat, it's groovy as hell. The song I've gone with is Killer and if you're anything like me you'll be screaming it at the top of your lungs in no time. Do recommend spending time with the whole album and indeed all their other ones because they are all phenomenal. So check it out my number 3 of the year, Ruby The Hatchet with Killer.

Nico #3

Howling Giant - Earth Wizard (Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 EP, 2017)
A real mix of an EP, with 6 songs covering 32 minutes from all corners of heavy - there's doom, sludge, meandering psychedelic space rock, stoner grooves and it all wraps up nicely in some progressive melodic vibes, with a serious nod to early Elder and Weedpecker.


Laurie #2

All Them Witches - Don't Bring Me Coffee (Sleeping Through The War, 2017)
Released in February of 2017 it's one of those albums that you can't get bored listening to. Each track is unique and could belong to a different band. The band are from Nashville, Tennessee, they are insanely eclectic not only within this album but each album they release has a totally different thing going on with it. I don't think you could ever say you're not a fan of them because they are constantly evolving, so you're bound to like something. My favourite track on this album is Don't Bring Me No Coffee, it's bluesy, rocky stoner desert jam all wrapped in one with a Brant Bjork style of vocals that you can't help but sing along to. It is my go-to-song when I'm feeling run down, tired and a bit pushed around. Get into it - this is All Them Witches with Don't Bring Me No Coffee.

Nico #2

Sasquatch - Just Couldn't Stand the Weather (Maneuvers, 2017)
Picking one track off this album was not an easy task. So many superb songs, from the balls-out opener Rational Woman to the power-ballad Window Pain, it's just hooks and badassery.


Laurie #1

Green Yeti - Black Planets Part 1 (Desert Show, 2017)
Green Yeti for sure take out my number one album of the year this year. Black Planets is an exceptionally well crafted doom, stoner, space rock psych anthem with catchy as hell riffs and a bridge that will get you singing and moving. This is the first song I play at the gym to get me going, it's the album I put on at work when there's deadlines and you just need to get shit done. Green Yeti are Greek Musical Gods whose song reveal themselves to you, every time I listen to this album I find something new to fall in love with. Number one album for 2017 Green Yeti - Desert Show, the track is Black Planets Part 1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Nico #1

Orango - Train Keeps Rolling On (The Mules of Nana, 2017)
Just like the last few years, my top album was a real slow burner. I went from thinking it was novel but uninteresting, to getting completely hooked and being unable to enjoy anything else for a week or two. Here it's vocal harmonies and the rock n' rolling sensibilities. It's got Creedence, it's got Fleetwood, it's got Zeppelin - hell, it even ventures into Eagles territory, for better and for worse. It just feels very, very real and soulful, and I've been enamored with it all year.


Laurie's honourable mention: The Picturebooks - Bad Habits Die Hard (Home is a Heartache, 2017)

Nico's honourable mention: The Sonic Dawn - Numbers Blue (Into the Long Night, 2017)


December 14, 2017

Who knew that the sheer volume of songs about mountains within the greater rock/stoner/doom genre would be enough to form... uh... a... mountain?

From an initial list of somewhere between 60-80 songs, we managed to whittle it down to some of our favourites, while casting aside certain classics (Sleep's Holy Mountain? Who have we become!?). Anyway it was International Mountain Day on Monday, and that's all the excuse we need to get stuck into this thematic riff-fest.

Youngblood Supercult - Stone Mountain Blues (High Plains, 2016)

Mountain - Mississippi Queen (Climbing! 1970)


Greenleaf - Alishan Mountain (Agents of Ahriman, 2007)

Orango - Hazy Chain of Mountains (Mules of Nana, 2017)


All Them Witches - Mountain (Lightning at the Door, 2013)

Mountain Witch - At the Mountains of Madness (burning village 2016)


Steak - Mountain (No Gods to Save, 2017)

Blue Snaggletooth - Sleeping Mountain (Beyond Thule 2014)


Captain Crimson - Mountain of Sleep (Dancing Madly Backwards 2016)

Swan Valley Heights - Mountain (Swan Valley Heights, 2016)


Mountain Season - Getting Older (The Mountain Season 2016)

Black Prism - Black Mountain Road (Black Prism, 2016)


Snowy Dunes - Tranquil Mountain Lake (Snowy Dunes, 2016)

Stubb - Scale the Mountain (Stubb, 2012)


Hexvessel - Teeth of the Mountain (When We Are Death, 2016)

World Soil Day

December 7, 2017

Soil! It's bloody important stuff - nutrients and such. In any case, we'd be fucked without it, and it was World Soil Day on Tuesday, so here's our little tribute to the ground beneath our feet, in the form of super-heavy riffs.

Yob - Prepare the Ground (ATMA, 2011)
Acid King - Into the Ground (III, 2005)
Celtic Frost - Ground (Monotheist, 2006)
The Devil & the Almighty Blues - Root to Root (The Devil & the Almighty Blues, 2015)
Wo Fat - Common Ground (Noche del Chupacabra, 2011)
Neurosis - Broken Ground (Fires Within Fires, 2016)
Dead Meadow - Between Me and the Ground (Old Growth, 2008)
Elder - Dead Roots Stirring (Dead Roots Stirring, 2011)
Siena Root - Growing Underground (A Dream of Lasting Peace, 2017)
Earth - Tallahasse (Pentastar: In the Style of Demons, 1996)
The Groundhogs - Groundhog (Split, 1971)

Feature image from Flickr user wysiwtf, used under Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.

All Aussie Riffventures 2017

November 30, 2017

So we're back after a much needed trip to eat everything in Vietnam, and while not exactly refreshed we've certainly remembered to appreciate our home-grown talent. A night in Sydney on the way home where we were able to catch Hobo Magic and Zong helped.

Yes the quality (and by god, quantity) of Aussie releases this year is probably unparalelled in recent history. Best year ever? Looks that way from my perspective. Especially when you factor in re-releases like Arrowhead and Dawn! But we were packed to the rafters on tonight's show, so you'll just have to appreciate them in your own damn time.

Hobo Magic - The Holy Riff (The World Today, 2017)

Motherslug - Stoned by the Light (The Electric Dunes of Titan, 2017)


Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Quasar (Passage to Agartha, 2017)

Zong - Cosmic Embryo (Zong, 2017)


Yanomamo - Gilded in Gold (Neither Man Nor Beast, 2017)

The Neptune Power Federation - Opium Den (Neath a Shin Ei Sun, 2017)


Mt Mountain - Floating Eyes (Dust, 2017)

Dreamtime - The Sentient (Strange Pleasures, 2017)


Buried Feather - Dust (Mind of the Swarm, 2017)

Frozen Planet 1969 - The Lady and the Archer (From The Centre Of A Parallel Universe, 2017)


Comacozer - Enuma Elish (Kalos Eidos Skopeo, 2017)

Pollinator Week

November 2, 2017

How good are bees? I mean, fresh honey off the comb is a goddamn life-changing experience. They're also major pollinators, which is how fruit and vegetables exist, which I guess is why we exist too. BUZZ FUZZ!

The Sword - The Bees of Spring (High Country, 2015)
Witchcraft - Queen of Bees (Firewood, 2005)
Pale Grey Lore - Life in the Hive (Pale Grey Lore, 2016)
Mother Mooch - Hive Mind (Nocturnes, 2015)
Farflung - Hive (5, 2016)
Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull, 2008)
Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree - Burn the Sun (Medicine, 2017)
No Man’s Valley - Kill the Bees (Time Travel, 2016)
Wild Savages - Queen Bee
Black Moth - Honey Lung (The Killing Jar, 2012)
Comet Control - The Hive (Centre of the Maze, 2016)
Grinderman - Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars) (Grinderman, 2007)